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AdhesivePlatform connects supply and demand in the adhesives and sealants industry – online. We guarantee the best possible adhesive and sealant solution for your projects consistent with your production requirements. We invest in the development of new, online sales opportunities for the manufacturers within the industry.

AdhesivePlatform – Your Online Specialist in Adhesives and Sealants

Do you use adhesives or sealants in your production process, and are you looking for information? Do you need bonding or sealing for a specific project? Or would you like to broaden the horizons regarding process efficiency enabled by seals and bonds? AdhesivePlatform is the right place for you! Our platform offers information on industrial sealing and bonding systems as well as provides you with the possibility to connect with adhesive and sealant experts internationally. Through our worldwide network, the experience and expertise of the big names within the industry are at your disposal.

Our show cases

Automated adhesive application equipment for construction products

“…we were contacted by a construction product manufacturer that is willing to improve their products and enhance production. In order to do so, they require automated adhesive application equipment to replace the currently used manual system.”

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Biodegradable lid film and adhesive

“…the possible solutions are tied to some requirements in addition to biodegradability and food safety.”

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Compostable Stickers and Glue for Paper Bags

“AdhesivePlatform connects supply and demand in the adhesives and sealants industry. In this case we have the demand but miss the supply: we are open for suggestions!”

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Compostable Pressure Sensitive Adhesive India

“…currently they are running tests on the material and modifying the adhesive to provide the best possible solution which complies with the required standards.”

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Single Component Epoxy Adhesive for Electronics USA

“…the US electronics manufacturer was successfully brought in touch with an adhesive supplier, who was able to develop an adhesive formulation that resulted in the required epoxy system.”

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Bio-based Adhesive for Natural Fiber Composite Canada

“After exchanging details of the materials that require bonding and the possible bonding solution, … manufacturer and the bio-based adhesive supplier decided to proceed to testing.”

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Mattress adhesive South Africa

“Fortunately, our network also includes innovative mattress adhesive manufacturers who could provide the … company with a solution.”

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Hot Melt Body Panel Adhesive Germany

“The adhesive supplier is monitoring the process and offering full technical support to get the new, improved line up and running.”

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Adhesive for Railcar Seats Australia

“…they exchanged further details and identified the national and international standards the adhesive must comply with. ”

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Airport Sealant Germany

“As the expansion joints … were between dissimilar materials that react differently to temperature changes, a special sealant was needed.”

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Biodegradable Wood Panel Glue Australia

“We recently started a cooperation together with a research institute and a university … to work towards a new kind of adhesive: one that meets all the requirements for the project…”

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Metal to Metal Adhesive US

“…we concluded that two of the potential suppliers could offer a metal to metal adhesive solution that would meet the specified needs of the product”

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Transport Adhesive India

“A sample was sent to India, so that the product could be tested on the actual materials.”

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Bio-based Textile Tape for Outdoor Clothing

“This textile tape supplier was introduced to the clothing manufacturer, and they are currently discussing samples, testing and prototypes in order to confirm compatibility of the adhesive, bio-based tape and cotton.”

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Lightweight Adhesive USA

“Thanks to recent developments in the automotive adhesives sector, we knew just the adhesive that would provide the perfect results in this application.”

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New Adhesives & Sealants Updates

  • sterile medical adhesive film in abdominal surgeryMedical Adhesive Systems for skin and Incision drapes25/04/2021 - 14:54

    Sterile surgical systems: medical adhesive film Operation theaters require a high standard of sterility at all times, to ensure protection of skin during incisions. Surgical glue standards are no different. Medical adhesive film can be of great help when making and gluing incisions, as it maintains a sterile environment during operations as well as guaranteeing […]

  • fill level indicator on pneumatic adhesive dispenser for hot meltPneumatic adhesive dispenser for hot melt20/04/2021 - 09:00

    Pneumatic dispensers help apply reactive hot melt adhesives Is your glue gun the right one for your needs? High quality application equipment plays an important role in hot melt adhesive. Depending on the application, either automatic or manual equipment can be used: in this article we introduce a piece of manual equipment, more specifically a […]

  • laminating film on book coversLaminating film for paper and packaging12/04/2021 - 17:29

    Film for laminate paper, foil and nylon bonding In the paper and packaging industries, laminating film is applied to surfaces such as paper, cardboard, aluminum foil and biofilm. The purpose of laminating film is to provide food and non-food packaging with barrier properties, improved appearance and haptic properties which contribute to the “feel” of a […]

  • 100% Biodegradable and 100% compostableBiodegradable hot melt adhesives09/04/2021 - 21:41

    Hot melt adhesives are not a new thing. They’ve been around for over half a century now, becoming increasingly versatile and cost-effective. There is an HMA for practically every application on the market. In recent years, the industry has voiced the need for a new development: compostable hot melt adhesives. Hot melt adhesives are not […]

  • Aircraft Sealant Application SolutionsAircraft Sealant Application Solutions02/04/2021 - 16:38

    Aircraft sealant solutions Aviation sealants must maximise convenience, durability, comfort and safety. Failing to prioritise these can negatively affect the life of a plane—not to mention the lives of the people onboard! Characteristics to look for the best aeronautic sealant products for your aircraft needs are versatility, sustainability, ease-of-use, quality of flying experience, and industry […]

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Whatever you may want to know about adhesives and sealants, we got you covered! Do you wish to find the most suitable system for your application, or are you looking to boost your process efficiency by using the right product, application method and equipment? Contact us for any adhesive and sealant enquiries.

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Sealants & Adhesives

Many industries make use of a wide range of sealants and adhesives which are replacing the more traditional seals and bonds as the more beneficial options. Sealants and adhesives are more reliable, offer much more design freedom and are lighter in weight than seals and fasteners like welded bonds, screws and bolts. Sealants are used for sealing gaps, joints, overlaps and seams usually making them watertight. Adhesives, for their part, bond materials together and are used for example for frames, profiles and panels.

Choosing the Right Adhesive & Sealant Systems

As the adhesives and sealants market offers a wide range of different systems, choosing the best solution for your project may be more challenging than one might think. What are the needs of the substrate? What about the requirements of the specific environment? AdhesivePlatform.com was set up by our adhesive and sealant specialists to offer answers for these questions, and to make sure everyone in need of industrial adhesives and sealants has access to the information, consultancy and free quotes. Do not hesitate to contact us for any sealant and adhesive related questions!

Adhesive & Sealant Consultancy

Finding the best adhesive or sealant for a specific project is not as simple as it may seem. Choosing the system entails much more than picking one and applying it. Many factors must be considered in order to make the choice that benefits your product and process the most. The choice should be made based on the substrate, environment, application method and the effect to the overall efficiency. When you want to achieve the best possible results, it is time to turn to an expert.

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AdhesivePlatform is the leading online resource for the sealants and adhesives industry globally. The platform offers information and consultancy to anyone working with industrial sealants and adhesives from designers and engineers to architects and contractors.   

In case you are in need of expertise in adhesives and sealants for your project, or are looking for alternatives to your current suppliers, feel free to use our quote service, completely free of charge, and let our experts help you get the most out of adhesives and sealants in your project.