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Growth for wood furniture market due to many factors

Factors that encourage growth in wood furniture market Global Insights, Inc. has recently published a research which shows that the wood furniture market is likely to reach US$ 580 billion by 2025. Increasing demand for branded and ready-made furniture is expected to have an impact on the wood furniture demand. Also, the fast expansion in […]

Adhesives and sealants for light rail and underground trains

Light rail and underground rails benefit from adhesives and sealants Faster, safer, stronger and greener are all areas where light rail transit and underground trains (subway) must continuously improve. Adhesives and sealants for light rail and underground trains can help on all these areas as they increase comfort, make vehicles safer, for strong bonds and […]

Tannic acid hardeners – Cutting costs and boosting durability

Tannic acid in adhesives researched by Purdue University Currently, tannic acid is used in numerous sectors such as leather tannic, medical treatments, ink manufacture and as flavoring for some beverages. In the US, Purdue University has recently conducted research on the substance and concluded that tannic acid hardeners could provide adhesives, coatings and composite materials […]

Low carbon adhesives for construction

Carbon neutral buildings with low carbon adhesives for construction In recent years, carbon neutral and low carbon buildings have caught more and more attention since the common trend is shifting towards environmentally friendly solutions, decreased carbon dioxide emissions and generally greener buildings. Carbon dioxide emissions are involved in every phase of a building’s lifespan: manufacturing […]

Looking back at Lijm Event 2019

AdhesivePlatform visits Lijm Event 2019 The 6th edition of the Dutch high-tech glue and adhesive event, Lijm Event 2019, took place on the 1st of October in Veldhoven, the Netherlands. Organized by Mikrocentrum, the event offered a unique opportunity to get to deepen insights of of the adhesive industry as a whole regarding adhesive systems, […]

Polyurethane adhesives and sealants

Polyurethane adhesives and sealants among the most used systems Polyurethane (PUR) systems are among the most used adhesives, sealants and adhesive sealants due to their unique properties and the possibility to give them other characteristics through modification. Polyurethane adhesives and sealants are best known for the elasticity of seams and bonds they create. However, polyurethanes […]

Modified silane adhesives and sealants

Elastic bonds and seams with modified silane adhesives and sealants First introduced in Japan at the end of the 80´s, modified silane adhesives and sealants are becoming more and more desired in industrial applications that require elastic bonding or sealing. Having reached the European and American markets, modified silane based systems are a good choice […]

Lijm Event 2019

Lijm Event brings all aspects of industrial bonding together It is time for the 6th edition of the Lijm Event! The event is organized by Dutch Mikrocentrum, and it focuses on industrial adhesive bonding and brings together distributors and manufacturers of industrial adhesive systems, research and educational institutions as well as surface treatment and material […]

Adhesives for non woven materials in hygiene products

Hygiene products benefit from adhesives for non woven materials Hygiene products market is the biggest, and fastest growing, user of non-woven materials. The materials are used in products like baby diapers, adult incontinence products, children’s swim and training pants as well as feminine hygiene pads and shields. All these products also require adhesives for non […]

Skin protectant for wound care

Skin protectant plays an important role in wound care Skin protectant is a thin barrier or layer which can be applied to damaged skin or to skin which is at risk of damage. The protectant provides a protective layer on the skin and enhances the healing process as well as protects the wound. Most skin […]