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LATICRETE introduces a revolutionary pre-mixed grout

Coming in 2020 – superior pre-mixed grout for tiles LATICRETE has announced to bring a superior pre-mixed grout to the market in the beginning of 2020. Even though, pre mixed grout systems do not have the best of reputations when it comes to tile and stone applications in wet and humid areas, this new grout […]

Metal adhesives

Replacing mechanical fasteners and welds with metal adhesives Where fasteners and welded bonds used to be of paramount importance, metal adhesives are now used more and more often. Metal adhesive systems and tapes bring along many benefits and cancel the disadvantages of mechanical bonds and seals. However, as there are different types of metals, also […]

AdhesivePlatform launches Glues.com

AdhesivePlatform launches Glues.com to serve the North American market AdhesivePlatform connects the supply and demand of adhesives and sealants online globally, and now also locally through Glues domains. The first of the local extensions to go live is Glues.com which is designed to serve the North American adhesives and sealants market. At first Glues.com focuses […]

Adhesive chemistry and raw materials

The basics of adhesive chemistry Adhesive can be defined as any substance that can hold materials together in a functional way by separation resistant surface attachment. Adhesives can roughly be divided into natural adhesives and synthetic adhesives based on the raw materials they consist of. In synthetic adhesive chemistry, the most important ingredient is a […]

Adhesives for antennas in vehicles

Attaching vehicle antennas with adhesive Technological development has resulted in increasing requirements and desire for communication and network in vehicles such as trains, trucks and buses. In order to enable Wi-Fi connection, satellite positioning and train signalling, multiple transmitting and receiving antennas must be installed on the vehicles. These antennas are traditionally mounted on the […]

Expansion joint sealants for bridges

Expansion joint sealants for bridges increase construction reliability and durability Expansion joints, or movement joints in bridges are designed to keep parts together as well as safely absorb expansion by temperature changes and contracting of building materials and vibration caused by traffic, ground settlement or seismic activity. The behavior of these joints can be unpredictable […]

Sealants for bridge foundation

Sealants for bridge foundation increase reliability and safety One of the most critical parts of a bridge is the foundation: it must be safe and reliable as the weight of the entire bridge lays on it together with the traffic on the bridge. To guarantee bridge safety and construction reliability, sealants for bridge foundation are […]

Types of sealants for home

Different types of sealants for home improvements Sealants are commonly used by construction contractors, but they are also suitable for DIYers for small repairs and home improvement. Sealants can be used for example in bathrooms and kitchens as well as sealing and filling interior and exterior gaps and cracks. The different types of sealants for […]

Adhesive application methods and equipment

Choosing adhesive application methods and equipment As adhesives come in a wide variety and versatility, there are also numerous adhesives application methods and equipment to carry out the application. One application method is not better than the rest, but the choice of methods and equipment should be based on the adhesive types, the nature of […]