News about paper and packaging adhesives and sealants.

three shampoo bottles with wash-off labeling adhesive

New wash-off labeling adhesive leaves no traces on packaging

New wash-off labeling adhesive - sustainable and easy to wash off A cooperation between Schäfer-etiketten, Polifilm and HERMA, a labeling specialist has resulted in a sustainable and easy to wash off label for shampoo bottles. The label…
black pepper to use as biological material in PSA adhesives

PSA adhesives made of black pepper and castor oil

Renewable biological materials in PSA adhesives researched Renewable biological raw materials that could be used in manufacturing pressure sensitive adhesives have been researched by POLYMAT Institute of University of Basque Country. The…
packaging boxes illustrating adhesive and sealant innovations
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Top 10 adhesive and sealant innovations in 2019

A look back at 2019 adhesive and sealant innovations 2019 has been an interesting year for the adhesives and sealants industry: many new and innovative products were introduced, numerous sectors experienced growth and new materials were…
molecular structure of biodegradable adhesive material
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New 100% biodegradable adhesive material discovered by scientists in Boston University

New biodegradable adhesive material - eco-friendly alternative The use of plastics, as we know them, should be reduced in order to protect the Earth and guarantee our health and safety. However, plastics are contained in most adhesives performing…
adhesive labels for plant industry

Adhesive labels conquer the plant growing industry

One-sticker-tells-all adhesive labels The end of the traditional plastic tags, stakes and picks in the plant growing and selling industry is near. Thanks to the development of label printers, which allow for adhesive labels, and applicators…
abrasion resistance for packaging created by new resin

Soft touch and abrasion resistance for packaging with a new resin

Silky feel and abrasion resistance developed by DSM A new resin provides soft touch and abrasion resistance for packaging while decreasing the need for additives to create haptic properties. This new silky-feel resin has been developed…
multilayer paper bag with packaging industry adhesive

Packaging industry faces demand for high-performance standards and sustainability

performance and sustainability challenge packaging industry The packaging industry has been experiencing significant growth having reached US$231 billion in 2018. Stimulated by the growth, the industry is facing several challenges for the…
adhesive film market present in automotive industry
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Increasing demand in Asia-Pacific – the key factor for driving growth of adhesive film market

5% CAGR expected in adhesive film market Manufacturing activities from many adhesive film producers are shifting to emerging economies including China, India, Indonesia, Taiwan, and the Philippines. This is due to economic reasons such as…