polysulfide sealants market boosted by infrastructure development

Infrastructure development and construction benefit global polysulfide sealants market

Boost in demand for 2K polysulfide sealants market

In 2018, the worth of the global polysulfide sealants market was over a billion dollars, and the market is still growing at a significant rate. In the period 2019-2029, sizable opportunities are expected, especially regarding 2 component polysulfide sealants which account for more than 70% of the consumption of global polysulfide sealants.

Polysulfide sealants for civil engineering & infrastructure grow fastest

The fastest growing segment of 2K polysulfide sealants is forecast to be civil engineering and infrastructure as well as commercial applications. These are expected to account for three quarters of the total volume. The applications include bridges, roads and tunnels as well as airports, ports, landfill construction and parking garages.

East Asia and mature markets dominate the growth

Geographically seen, the most growth in polysulfide sealants is likely to take place in East Asia which reportedly is a top-consuming market. Other geographical markets where the consumption of polysulfide sealants is expected to be high are the more mature ones: North America and Europe which together are projected to generate $200 million over the forecast period. Additionally, fast paced construction activities and developments in infrastructure in emerging markets such as China and India are likely to boost the demand for and growth of polysulfide sealants.

products of wood furniture market

Growth for wood furniture market due to many factors

Factors that encourage growth in wood furniture market

Global Insights, Inc. has recently published a research which shows that the wood furniture market is likely to reach US$ 580 billion by 2025. Increasing demand for branded and ready-made furniture is expected to have an impact on the wood furniture demand. Also, the fast expansion in the housing sector, caused by population and economic growth, foreign direct investment inflows and smart cities, is likely to boost the demand for furniture and positively affect the need for wood furniture.

Asia-Pacific dominates the market

The Asia-Pacific region currently dominates the market for wooden furniture: in 2018, the region accounted for more than 45% of the market share. China, India and Japan accounted for more than 75% of the regional share the same year. The reason for Asia-Pacific dominating the global market is rapid development of high rise buildings (commercial and residential). Consumers are also opting for high-quality products and different design options, which is affecting the demand for furniture in general.

tannic acid hardeners research in laboratorium

Tannic acid hardeners – Cutting costs and boosting durability

Tannic acid in adhesives researched by Purdue University

Currently, tannic acid is used in numerous sectors such as leather tannic, medical treatments, ink manufacture and as flavoring for some beverages. In the US, Purdue University has recently conducted research on the substance and concluded that tannic acid hardeners could provide adhesives, coatings and composite materials with beneficial properties. According to the researchers, the acid could also contribute to lower costs and process sustainability.

Contribution to adhesive sustainability

Tannic acid would be used as a hardener to the polymers in adhesives and coatings in order to allow for stability and rigidity in high temperature environments. The researchers report that using tannic acid hardeners would also reduce the material cost as well as add to the durability of adhesives, coatings and composite materials. At the same time, the environmental impact of adhesives, structural composites, insulating materials, coatings and electronic components which use epoxy polymer would be decreased.

mikrocentrum where lijm event 2019 was organized

Looking back at Lijm Event 2019

AdhesivePlatform visits Lijm Event 2019

The 6th edition of the Dutch high-tech glue and adhesive event, Lijm Event 2019, took place on the 1st of October in Veldhoven, the Netherlands. Organized by Mikrocentrum, the event offered a unique opportunity to get to deepen insights of of the adhesive industry as a whole regarding adhesive systems, application machinery and equipment as well as system testing. Also AdhesivePlatform was present to broaden horizons.

Successful networking at Mikrocentrum

Lijm Event 2019 brought together companies, research institutions and other organizations that deal with adhesives in their daily operations. For us at AdhesivePlatform the event offered a great opportunity to deepen our knowledge on adhesives and everything around them. Also successful networking took place as contact was made with companies producing glues and adhesives for niche markets, manufacturing application equipment and specializing in surface preparation and pretreatment.

Interesting presentations by specialists in the industry

The main activity in Lijm Event 2019 were presentations held by organizations specializing in different niches within the adhesives industry. The opportunity was given to attend presentations such as gluing in challenging environments by Viba, importance of controlled application processes by Dopag/MeterMix and the concept of Glue 2.0 by ASML which emphasizes early supplier involvement as well as integrated training and certification within adhesives industry.

Summing up Lijm Event

All in all, Mikrocentrum´s Lijm Event 2019 was a great opportunity to look deeper into the high-tech adhesives market as well as products designed for special niches within. The event can certainly be recommended for all organization dealing with adhesives, high-tech innovations within the industry as well as industry research. The Lijm Event focuses mainly on BeNeLux but offers interesting opportunities also for internationally operating organizations.

lijm event 2019 logo and Mikkrocentrum logo

Lijm Event 2019

Lijm Event brings all aspects of industrial bonding together

It is time for the 6th edition of the Lijm Event! The event is organized by Dutch Mikrocentrum, and it focuses on industrial adhesive bonding and brings together distributors and manufacturers of industrial adhesive systems, research and educational institutions as well as surface treatment and material processing professionals. The event offers complete overview of pros and cons of industrial adhesive bonding.

Industrial adhesives are used in ever wider variety of applications, therefore, it is crucial for the engineers to make the right choice of bonding system. If you are curious about which adhesive system is the best for your project and process, or want to know how different industrial glues are processed, make sure to be at the Lijm Event on the 1st of October 2019!

Industrial adhesive bonding solutions become more and more important

For the past years industrial adhesive bonding has gained more ground in general and specific applications. This is not a wonder as adhesives make invisible bonds, they speed up processes, are cheaper and easier to process than mechanical fasteners and effectively bond dissimilar materials. Especially in metal bonding applications adhesives prevent corrosion and can remarkable reduce the weight of the finished product.

However, in order to choose the most suitable adhesive for a specific application, one must be aware of all ins and outs of the product, process and adhesive systems. At Lijm Event you have the chance to listen to professional speakers, discover the industrial adhesives and bonding processes as well as broaden your network.

Professional speakers and international exhibitors

The Lijm Event offers a unique opportunity to learn from the top players of the industry. Speakers from different organizations share their knowledge about a great variety of topics including adhesive durability testing, underwater gluing, importance of controlled adhesive application and many more hot topics of the moment.

Next to the speakers numerous international exhibitors are present in Lijm Event. These include Sika, Nordson and 3M, Mavom, Flanders Make and many more organization which activities are adhesive-related. During the event, the organizations give pitches and present their products and latest innovations in the areas of adhesives, industrial bonding and adhesive processing.

Get your tickets to Lijm Event and learn all about industrial adhesive bonding

Mikrocentrum where lijm event takes place
Lijm Event takes place in Veldhoven, the Netherlands, in the Mikrocentrum building.

In 2019, Lijm Event takes place on the 1st of October in Veldhoven, the Netherlands. Get more information and purchase your tickets on Mikrocentrum’s website.

About the organizer Mikrocentrum

Mikrocentrum is a Dutch organization which offers assistance in increasing knowledge, expanding networks, improving business processes and strengthening competitive position of companies. Their key activities include training, events and business.

Mikrocentrum offers over 150 course titles at intermediate vocational, higher vocational and academic levels. They also organize nine large trade fairs annually focussing on product and company presentation, lectures and networking. Lijm Event is one of these big events.

High Tech Platform is maintained by Mikrocentrum, and it offers organizations the opportunity to gain more visibility and expand their commercial technology network. Currently High tech Platform has over 600 member companies.

adhesive labels for plant industry

Adhesive labels conquer the plant growing industry

The end of the traditional plastic tags, stakes and picks in the plant growing and selling industry is near. Thanks to the development of label printers, which allow for adhesive labels, and applicators driving them out of the market.

A significant shift is taking place towards the use of one-sticker-tells-all adhesive labels attached directly to pots, as opposed to using one or more labels pushed into the soil on spikes to identify different plants. As Advantage Label and Packaging informs, adhesive labels allowed for providing customers with naming, pricing and growing information, and could be easily applied to pots before mass planting began.

This move away from plastic not only relates to increasing customer concern about the environmental impact of the disposal of the traditional plastic spiked tags. It also streamlined the business, and cut the costs in terms of both the tags and the labour needed to tag individual plants.

abrasion resistance for packaging created by new resin

Soft touch and abrasion resistance for packaging with a new resin

Silky feel and abrasion resistance developed by DSM

A new resin provides soft touch and abrasion resistance for packaging while decreasing the need for additives to create haptic properties. This new silky-feel resin has been developed by Royal DSM, Netherlands global-science company, and added to their Skins Silky family which consists of products that create silky feel for packaging.

AgiSyn 248 allows for wider range of end-user applications

AgiSyn 248 is the newest addition to the company´s Skins Silky soft resin range which allows for chemical and abrasion resistant packaging made of different materials. The new product brings exceptional soft touch and abrasion resistance for packaging and allows for an even wider range of end-user applications.

According to DSM, when combined with a matting agent and cured by UV light, the low viscosity water based resin, AgiSyn 348, results in a silky feel on screen overprint and flexographic varnishes which is generated within the resin´s own structure rather than created by additives.

snail slime inspires super strong adhesive

Sticky snail trails and geckos inspire new strong and reversible adhesive

New super strong adhesive polymer discovered

PHEMA, the new super strong adhesive polymer was come across by researchers in the University of Pennsylvania. This polymer gets its inspiration from the nature: sticky snail trails and adhesion attributes of geckos. The researchers claim the adhesive can support weight equivalent to that of a suspended adult male, even when tiny amounts, size of a postage stamp, are used.

PHEMA has benefits beyond strength

The leader of the research team Shu Yang, a professor in both the Materials Science and Engineering and Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Departments, says that the physical properties of PHEMA are similar to those of snail slime and geckos, especially when it comes to adhesion characteristics and reversibility. However, PHEMA is a step ahead by being able to carry heavy loads unlike nature’s own adhesives which are sufficient for carrying their own light weight.

According to Yang, PHEMA is an adhesive capable of sticking to wet and rubbery surfaces. It adheres well to vertical and horizontal surfaces due to the fact that it does not shrink when dry. The adhesive polymer allows for extremely strong bonds which can be easily reversed by wetting.

concrete sealant needed for a crack

New flexible concrete sealant for fast repairs

New sealant for repairing concrete when the time is limited

Concrete surfaces are durable, but may occasionally suffer from splits, cracks and spalls affecting the safety and appearance of the surface. A new fast-drying sealant has been developed to quickly repair that kind of damage on concrete surfaces. The same product can also be used for securing threading and anchoring in concrete surfaces.

3M concrete sealant cures fast and can be painted

The concrete sealant is primarily suitable for use by contractors, but allows also for DIY projects. Developed by 3M, the flexible sealant expands while curing, and will neither shrink nor crack when applied to any depth. The sealant is self-leveling when slightly overfilled, and it cures in 5 minutes, can be sanded after 15 minutes after application and allows for painting within an hour.

3M reports that the concrete sealant is solvent-free and suitable for use in construction, shop floors, stairways and walkways. The product can be applied with a common caulking gun, which makes it accessible also for DIY projects.

grey specialty tapes

Major opportunities for specialty tapes in emerging economies

Specialty tapes likely to grow in emerging economies

The specialty tapes market is currently valued at $44.2 billion (2019), and projected to reach $59.3 billion in 2024 growing at a CAGR of 6.1%. Emerging markets such as China, Brazil, Indonesia and South Africa are the areas where the growth is expected to be the fastest.

Growth for special adhesive tapes throughout industries

The demand for special adhesive tapes tapes is increasing especially in the healthcare and hygiene, automotive, electrical and electronics, white goods as well as building and construction industries. Some reasons behind the increase in demand are infrastructure development, awareness of hygiene products, increasing utilization of healthcare services and upgrading and development of electrical appliances. Therefore, many companies now focus on developing and manufacturing specialty tapes with properties such as heat and weather resistance.

Where the opportunities lay

The segment forecast to account for the largest market share between 2019 and 2024 is healthcare and hygiene, and PVC tapes are expected to be the fastest growing product segment. Geographically, the largest market in terms of volume and value is likely to remain Asia-Pacific as the region is experiencing strong growth due to R&D advancements in various industries.

Specialty tapes in emerging economies

The specialty tapes market is expected to grow especially in emerging economies like China, Brazil, India, South Africa and Indonesia. However, more developed markets, including Germany, the US, Japan and the UK, will experience slow or no growth. China is likely to become the key contributor due to demand for heavy industries and consumer products.