Industrial adhesive companies UK

Are you looking for a specific kind of industrial adhesive for your application? And are you looking for an adhesive company in the UK? Adhesiveplatform is there to help you out. We connect adhesive companies to production companies in the UK.

Stop wasting your time looking for that one adhesive company that can deliver the adhesive that meets all your requirements. Contact us and we will find the right manufacturer for you. No worries about the cost, it’s free of charge!

Adhesive companies in the UK

You are looking for a specific kind of adhesive for your production process. And you need a supplier in the UK. How to find the right adhesive company that can deliver the adhesive that best suits your specific production process?

Increasing demand and options

Adhesives have an import role in almost every production process. Therefore, it is no surprise that the adhesive market in the UK is expanding each year.

The demand for industrial adhesives continues to grow, even though the UK left the European Union and the exchange rates negatively affects the adhesive market in the UK. Also, the Covid pandemic has its reflections on the industry.

But still, there is a large demand for industrial adhesives in the UK. But the demand changes. Consumers are becoming more and more aware of the impact of industry on the environment. The demand for biodegradable or more sustainable adhesives is rising. And production companies are asking for adhesives with more and more specific properties. Probably you too.

As a result, in addition to well-known, big adhesive companies in the UK (Henkel 3M and BASF), there are also numerous smaller adhesive manufacturers that produce adhesives with specific properties.

How to find the right adhesive company in the UK

Although you may not be looking for a standard adhesive for your application, still there are companies that can supply exactly the adhesive you need.

But how to find that one adhesive company that meets your requirements for the best?

Simple. Just follow our 2 steps:

Step 1: Break down the requirements

Finding the best adhesive company for your production process in the UK starts with breaking down the requirements. Are your already using an adhesive in your process, but is the quality not good enough? Are you looking for an adhesive that is more friendly to our environment? Or are you starting-up a new production process and are you looking for a suitable adhesive?

Start writing down what the exact properties must be.
For example:

The production process the adhesive is used for, for instance:

  • gluing patches on textiles
  • bonding foam to EPP
  • fixing airport runways

The adhesive must have the following properties, eg.:

  • Lightweight
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Heat resistant
  • Stretchable
  • Sustainable for at least 5 years
  • … and so on

The application method must be, for instance:

  • Automated with beads and dots
  • Bonded via injection

The materials it needs to bond are, eg.:

  • Textile to textile (or name the substrates if possible)
  • Metal to metal
  • Stone to grout

And of course, there’re many other examples of application processes and methods, properties, and materials that might be important for your purpose.

Step 2: Ask us

Send us the requirements for the adhesive you are looking for, including all other relevant technical specifications, and let us find the right adhesive manufacturer in the UK for you. We have an extensive network of adhesive companies in the UK, including companies that deliver to the UK. Also, we are constantly connecting with new and innovative adhesive companies, world-wide.

Probably we can connect you to the adhesive company that delivers the right adhesive for your application right away. And if not, we will use our global network to find the best adhesive company for you.

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