bio-based adhesive in natural fiber composite

Bio-based adhesive for natural fiber composites Canada

Canadian biomaterial manufacturer looks for bio-based adhesive A biomaterial manufacturer, based in Canada, was faced by the challenge of finding a bio-based, preferably compostable or biodegradable adhesive for backing of their natural…
applying epoxy adhesive usa for electronics

Single component epoxy adhesive for electronics USA

An electronics manufacturer from the USA needs a one part epoxy adhesive A USA based electronics manufacturer contacted us at AdhesivePlatform for assistance in finding a single component epoxy adhesive for bonding two dissimilar metals…
sanitary pad with compostable pressure sensitive adhesive india

Compostable pressure sensitive adhesive India

Indian sanitary pad producer seeks compostable pressure sensitive adhesive At AdhesivePlatform we received an enquiry for compostable pressure sensitive adhesive from an Indian sanitary pad manufacturer. The company looked for an adhesive